D-3004A 4-channel Gold Mount Charger

D-3004A 4-channel Gold Mount Charger
Item# D-3004A
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Product Description

D-3004A 4-channel Gold Mount Charger
D-3004A is a 4-channel simultaneous charger for Gold mount batteries, with 1 channel discharging function. It will self-identify Li-Ion / Ni-MH batteries, and launch the compatible charging program. The 4-level LEDs indicate the charging status of each channel.
D-3004A is compatible with SWIT Gold Mount batteries, including Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, and can clear the memory effect of Ni-Cd batteries.

Key Features:

  • 4-channel simultaneous charging
  • 1-channel discharging
  • 4-level LED charging indicators for each channel
  • Self-identify Li-ion, Ni-MH batteries


    Power Max 200W
    Input AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
    output DC 15V-20V,2A4
    Applicable battery Gold mount battery
    Dimension 285144173mm
    Weight 7.8lb/3.5kg

    Warranty Period: Two years conditional.

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