S-6020 Backpack

S-6020 Backpack
Item# S-6020
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Product Description

S-6020 Backpack
S-6020 camcorder backpack has body mechanics design with a shoulder strap, waistband and pectoral girdle, running with it is much more comfortable. The design of integrated internal lining provides a safe protection for the camera. The top pockets and side pockets are available for carrying more accessories.
S-6020 has different kinds of camcorder shapes to completely fit: 1. SONY PMW-EX1 2. SONY HVR-Z1E 3. SONY PD190 4. Panasonic 180A 5. Panasonic HVX200


  • Body mechanics design
  • Camcorder shape fit


Applicable cameraSONY PMW-EX1
Sony HVR-Z1E
Sony PD-190
Panasonic 180A
Panasonic HVX200
Inner size13.4(L)x8.7(W)x21.5(H)inch

Warranty Period: One year conditional.