S-7004 Series Snap-on Battery Mount

S-7004 Series Snap-on Battery Mount
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Product Description

S-7004 Series Snap-on Battery Mount
S-7004 series battery mounts are specifically designed for SWIT portable monitors models S-1071C / S-1071C+/S-1071F / S-1071H (which has a HDMI loop through output), S-1093H / S-1093F.
S-7004 battery mount can also be used for Swit S-2041 & S-2070 on camera LED light.

Note: If your monitor is a S-1071C/F/H model, but does not have a HDMI loop through output, please choose corresponding S-7001 series battery mount.

Battery mount options:

    Model Number Original Battery SWIT Battery
    S-7004B Panasonic VW-VBG6 S-8BG6
    S-7004C Canon BP-945/970G S-8845, S-8945
    S-7004D Panasonic VW-VBD & CGR-D S-8D58
    S-7004E Canon LP-E6 S-8PE6
    S-7004F Sony L series S-8972, S-8970
    S-7004I JVC SSL-JVC50 S-8i50
    S-7004U Sony BP-U series S-8U93, S-8U63
    S-7004V JVC BN-VF823 S-8823

    Warranty Period: One year conditional.