S-8110A 126Wh Gold Mount Battery

S-8110A 126Wh  Gold Mount Battery
Item# S-8110A
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Product Description

S-8110A 126Wh  Gold Mount Battery
S-8110A is a lightweight 126Wh Gold-mount battery, it has a 4-level LED indicator to give the user a view of remaining power before mounting to camera. The built-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections of abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

IATA restrictions for traveling with Larger Lithium ion batteries
Note: The restrictions maybe are different between different airlines.

Key Features:

  • 14.4V, 126Wh large capacity
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • Metal Gold-mount plate
  • D-tap output socket
  • Multiple circuit protections


Voltage 14.4V
Capacity 126Wh/8.8Ah
Max Output Power 100W
Max Output Current 8A
Over Current Protection 10A
Mount Type Gold-mount
Operation temperature 0- 40°c
Net Weight Approx 0.9kg
Dimension 165x90x53mm

126Wh / 8.8Ah High Capacity

Consists of 24pcs 18650 battery cells, and reaches 126Wh / 8.8Ah high capacity.
Can run approx 4 hours for normal 30W ENG cameras.

AntonBauer Gold Mount Connection

S-8110A is compatible with AntonBauer Gold mount type power system and we adopt the high quality connection bolts that ensure the reliable mounting.

Build-in D-tap DC Output Socket

A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of S-8110A battery, for DC14.4V (Nominate) connection, such as on-camera lights, monitors, wireless transmitter, etc. The Max Power from D-tap is 100W, 8A.

4-level LED Power Indicator

On the side of the battery, there’re 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using.

Warranty Period: Two year conditional.

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