S-9204 SDI Multi Viewer and Switcher

S-9204 SDI Multi Viewer and Switcher
Item# S-9204
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Product Description

S-9204 SDI Multi Viewer and Switcher
S-9204 is a solution of monitoring 4-ch SDI by a single HDMI television or monitor. There're 3 display patterns: Quad split display, one channel full screen switch display, and PGM/PVW mode display. Each input SDI has independent loop through output and support SDI timecode, embedded audio meter, video title editing on each displaying window.
Besides multiviewing, the S-9204 can also be used as a basic switcher in the PGM/PVW display mode. It support PGM output via SDI and one key direct switching from PVW to PGM, with absolute zero delay.
The S-9204 is 19-inch 1RU standard size, and pure keyboard operation, work independently without computers.

Key Features:

  • 4-ch HD/SD-SDI input
  • 4-ch HD/SD-SDI loop output
  • Multiview output via HDMI
  • Quad-split, Full screen, and PGM/PVW display modes
  • PGM switcher output via SDI, with zero delay
  • SDI embedded audio output via 3.5mm socket
  • SDI embedded audio meter display (2-ch)
  • SDI time code display
  • Customer editable video title for each input channel
  • 4:3 scale marker on 16:9 HD input
  • 19-inch 1U rack mount


BNC x 4 HD/SD-SDI input
BNC x 4 HD/SD-SDI loop output
BNC x 1 HD/SD-SDI PGM switching output
HDMI x1 HDMI multiview output
3.5mm x1 SDI audio output
Video Format
SDI input SDI/HDMI Quad-split output
SMPTE-425M 1080P (60 / 59.94 / 50) Same as SDI input format
SMPTE-274M 1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50); 1080p (30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98) Same as SDI input format
SMPTE-RP211 1080psf (30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98) Same as SDI input format
SMPTE-296M 720p (60 / 59.94 / 50) Same as SDI input format
SMPTE-125M 480i (59.94) 1080i60
ITU-R BT.656 576i (50) 1080i50
Power 8W
Working Voltage DC 12V
Working Environment Temperature:0C-+40C, Humidity:10% ~ 90%
Dimension 483x45x251mm
Net weight 1440g

4-SDI Switcher via SDI

Now you can use S-9204 as a basic SDI switcher in the field producing. It support PGM channel output via SDI, direct switching by pressing the channel buttons on the front panel, and supports PVW to PGM switching under the PGM/PVW display mode.
The PGM switching output offers zero delay.

Input and Output

S-9204 Quad Viewer support:
  • HD/SD-SDI input x4
  • HD/SD-SDI loop output x4
  • HDMI Quad-split output x1
  • SDI switching output x1
  • 3.5mm analog audio output x1
Note: The input SDI signals require the same format.

Embedded Audio Monitoring

By audio meters or headphone output
The HDMI multiview output supports 2 channels of SDI embedded audio meters display for each input channel. The audio meter is green, and will turn yellow when exceeds -20dB, and turn red when exceeds -9dB.
And you can select the input channel to output SDI embedded audio via 3.5mm headphone socket.

SDI Timecode, Channel Title

The SDI timecodes of each input channel can be displayed under HDMI multiview output. And you can also edit the channel title for each input video easily by pressing the keys on the front panel of S-9204.

Power Supply

The S-9204 can be powered via the 4-pin XLR socket of DC 12V input on the rear panel.
A 4-pin XLR power adaptor is provided in the product package.
Warranty Period: Two years conditional.

 S-9204 4 SDI Multiviewer and Switcher User Manual View S-9204 4 SDI Multiviewer and Switcher User Manual